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34'' Ultrawide 100Hz Monitor for Gaming and Productivity - PRISM+ X340 Pro

If you're looking for a budget friendly monitor to improve your productivity and occasionally play some games, this curved ultrawide 100Hz monitor X340 Pro from PRISM+ might be exactly that.

X340 Pro: https://bit.ly/X340Pro

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#prism+ #ultrawidemonitor #100hzmonitor
Aaron Tan : I am not into gaming but mainly productivity MS office & web browsing, does it make sense to go for the new model 144hz @ $100+ more?
O wen : Just curious to know if you have back light bleeding with this monitor and if it's a major consideration choosing a monitor. Also, do you think the ghosting issue will be solved with the new 144hz version with the 1ms response time. Thanks for the knowledge in advance:)
Sebastian : Prism x340 or Xiaomi curve 34 inch?
viNnY ;-; : Do you mind showing how this is able to be mounted to the arc stealth? Thank you
Sukrino Rahman : They have a non-pro version of this monitor. Does it have PIP/PBP capabilities?
randy tan : Should'nt this be the non pro if it has a 100hz refresh rate? The pro version is listed at 144hz on the website.
Brightyization : This or the Xiaomi 34 inch monitor?
Apextr8der : it is great to see a professional Youtuber that is based in Singapore :) btw care to share some info about your desk cover? the world map
Asyraf Aliman : I saw that you're using the UGreen USB switcher. When you click the button on the switcher to use the keyboard and mouse on the second device, do you also have to separately change the monitor input settings to the second device e.g. HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 input?
I just got the same switcher. PC and laptop connected to one monitor via HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 input. and i need to manually change the monitor inputs, which isn't convenient.
Asyraf Aliman : Any idea whether Overwatch can be played in full screen mode on this ultra wide monitor? or will we have black screens on the sides? Thanks!

Crossbow Shotgun! Zubin X340

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NoLongerHuman13 : Note to self **. Don’t lean on the scope while talking ... or doing shit else.
Ernie G : The 25 yards is good for where you are living at, but what will the crossbow do for where I live when 60 plus yard shots are normal in Arizona? what is the performance of the set up like at the yardage i asked about for Arizona
melangkoh : you should oil the barrel maybe these little sons of a bitch will travel through
Banshee579 : Your biggest concern is the safety while loading arrows or pellets, you´re afraid of shooting yourself.
Well, when you cock the crossbow, the safety automatically locks the weapon. YOU CANNOT unlock the safety while there is no arrow or pellets at the very bottom at the string. That last inch feels like it has some resistance to it and that is because it unblocks the safety lock. You can only set the crossbow to fire when the projectile is fully loaded. This also means you can´t shoot it empty at all and it also means that the weapon can´t accidentially fire while loading.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-03CB2Nyw24 here is an english review by that crazy German, he mentions this in his video.
Backyard Airgunner : nice, still 105m/s second is a bit low. if it was 135m/s i would totally buy it for the price.
Ashley Sanderson : Just a quick disclaimer.you may lose some fingers or even hans fucking with this thing.it is prettey cool tho
club dore : 0:36 0:41 5:08 what a fake smile
Cannibal Man : Note to maker don't shape it like a penis so the outlines don't look like a penis he really tried to not draw to penises and you left him no choice
Thanos The Thicc Farmer : The thing is... Can you hunt waterfowl such as Goose or Duck with it?

Prism+ X340 Pro - Ultrawide FTW!!!

We had the chance to review the new Prism+ X340 Pro. Being a VA panel, there are some things that you might have to sacrifice, but boy is it worth it! This monitor is so amazingly priced for a curved ultrawide that I don't know why you would choose something else! Check out our review here!

#prism+ #X340pro #ultrawide #gamingmonitor

Here's my review of the Prism+ F270i 165Hz monitor:

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Sp33dBr33d : This has become my favorite tech review channel overnight. Thank you for these awesome reviews - so informative and educational. I’m learning so much.
Sukrino Rahman : There's the non-pro version of this. Does it have PIP / PBP?
Timothy Chee : That feeling when you bought a x340 pro a week ago and they now have an updated x340 pro that has even more features.
34 inches
3440 x 1440 pixels
Yikes there's a little bit of buyers remorse from me but what can I do right? That's life.
centerpide : I just bought this! so psyched to try it out!
ryan : Great video man, its refreshing to see a tech youtuber from sg. Keep doing you dude, cheers!
man teddy : Hello bro, my x300 finally arrived and can I ask you some questions?
1. There's only a high/middle/low setting for the response time. Which is which? I assume high is 1ms?

2. There is no refresh rate options in the menu, is it supposed to be like that?
Shaun Roberts : Thanks for the video. Very informative!

Love the T-shirt btw! Ahaha
Max Keller : nice to see an Sg tec Youtuber
fulgently : can it go with Arc Stealth?
Poseidon Sai : I just got this monitor and the only issue is I really hate the stand it is way too low......getting my new monitor arm tomorrow. Nice review and cool t-shirt ;D




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